With Love, Harper is a boutique travel consultant firm that provides a one of a kind experience. All of our clients are unique so you won’t find a run of the mill cookie cutter experience here! We will help you curate your dream vacation and turn into a beautiful memory.

We are very well rounded and specialize in many avenues. Whether you want to cruise down Route 66, the Caribbean or around the streets of Hollywood, we have you covered!

Additionally, outside of booking your trips, we do provide add on services. Below is a few of our offerings:

  • Airport Transport
  • Last Minute Courier Service
  • Day By Day Itinerary
  • On Call Service

You can find more about these offerings by clicking here.

For all booking services, we will charge a $75 deposit so that we can ensure that we are being productive. This deposit is non-refundable, however, if the trip is booked within 60 days, it will be applied towards the cost of your trip.


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